Workshops & Engagement Projects


Parent & Baby Group with a Difference

After producing their third show Re: Production, a play exploring the choices & expectations behind having children, White Slate developed workshops for new parents who might be experiencing shifts in identity, isolation and a lack of adult conversation. The workshops became a space to build characters, make poetry, explore perspectives & challenge assumptions. These are now termly workshops based in Canterbury. See the first edition of the “Take a NAPP” zine below to get an idea of what goes on in the sessions.


The New Artistic People Project works with adults, who are socially isolated for many reasons, exploring the universal topics of identity, change & relationships. Starting with conversations with different charities, White Slate develop bespoke workshop programmes to suit the needs & wants of the participants. Currently developing partnerships with KRAN, AgeUK & Rethink.



Touring Workshops

From specialised workshops alongside our touring shows such as “What Comes First The Career Or The Egg?” to bespoke workshops from our company expertise such as Playwright/Director Relationship, Theatre Making, Different Every Night: Acting Techniques, Performing Lives, & Creating a Theatre Company, White Slate work with schools, universities, theatres, & local communities.