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Karen & Tom met and married when they were really young.
They're grown-ups now.
It's time to join the club isn't it?

Their friends are painting the spare room sunset yellow. Flexible working hours, baby yoga, PTA meetings… It's what they want too, isn't it?

Karen is a scientist.
She knows the facts.
By now she should be ready. But what if she's not?

The List's Top Theatre Pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

Nominated for New Writing South Best New Play Award 2017.

Part of Fertility Fest & Modern Families in partnership with the National & Bush Theatres.


"Original & funny. An exceptionally well-crafted tale of how irony & IVF melt together"

Fringe Review



The Stage

“A powerful voice that deserves to be more widely heard & reflected upon”

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