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We’re Suzy & Jenna.  
We love conversations & want to have them with you.  Here are a few starters that you might be interested in...


What’s a “White Slate” show like?

Great question!  White Slate don’t create a lie on stage.  We are always aware that we’re in a theatre and telling you a story.  We hope you’ll partake in the journey. It might be fun, emotional, enlightening, funny, surprising... but it will always be about human stories.

I’m interested in your workshops, where can I come to one?

Amazing!  In Autumn 2018, we are launching the New Artistic People Project in Canterbury.  Email us for more info about how you can be involved. Not in Canterbury? You could always book us for your school or community group.

I have a baby under 2, does that mean I can bring them to one of your shows?

Absolutely!  We love having babies in our audience.  Check with our touring locations for their accessibility.  We try & programme matinees so they don’t interfere with bedtime.

I don’t have a baby, can I still come to a matinee?

Of course!  The show is exactly the same as all our other adult shows, but extra special, as they are even more live!

Can I book your show?

Yes please.  Send us an email.  We always want to visit more places & meet more people & have more conversations…

Got a question that we haven’t answered?  Let’s talk more!
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