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We’re Suzy & Jenna.  
We love conversations & want to have them with you.  Here are a few starters that you might be interested in...


What’s a “White Slate” show like?

Great question!  White Slate don’t create a lie on stage.  We are always aware that we’re in a theatre and telling you a story.  We hope you’ll partake in the journey. It might be fun, emotional, enlightening, funny, surprising... but it will always be about human stories.

I’m interested in your workshops, where can I come to one?

Amazing!  In Autumn 2018, we are launching the New Artistic People Project in Canterbury & across Kent.  Email us for more info about how you can be involved. Not in Canterbury? You could always book us for your school or community group.

I have a baby under 2, does that mean I can bring them to one of your shows?

Absolutely!  We love having babies in our audience.  Check with our touring locations for their accessibility.  We try & programme matinees so they don’t interfere with bedtime.

I don’t have a baby, can I still come to a matinee?

Of course!  The show is exactly the same as all our other adult shows, but extra special, as they are even more live!

Can I book your show?

Yes please.  Send us an email.  We always want to visit more places & meet more people & have more conversations…

Got a question that we haven’t answered?  Let’s talk more!
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